You could call this my grand opening post.  However "grand" it may be though, I'll leave up to you, my extraordinary readers!

I'm no newbie to blogs, however I certainly cannot claim to know what I'm doing either. Compared to many others out there in the blogosphere, my blogs have a serious element of amateur about them.  So, please don't pay attention to any of the "construction" work I will most likely always have going; this blog is going to need a lot of love and unfortunately my time is limited.  I'll most likely focus just on posts rather than visual appeal.

I've spent a lot of time with my other blog, Pure & Posy, but wanted to create this separate and unique blog for my new Etsy shop, with inspiration and positivity in mind.  Of course Pure & Posy has that too, but I didn't want to lump everything I do into one space.  Don't put all your eggs in one basket as the saying goes, right? Who knows, perhaps Bitty Birdie will overtake Pure & Posy one day and I'll just merge the two.

Bitty Birdie is my expressive blog and shop, where my imagination meets the digital world, while Pure & Posy is more on the craft side of things.  I consider myself an artsy sort o' gal at heart, and here and in my digital designs, I will do my best to let that out.  I want my passion for life, family, love, faith, and country to be apparent.

What else will you find on this blog?

I have a deep rooted belief in creativity and thriftiness, it sparks so much ingenuity and lifts us to greater heights as human beings.  Independent education you might say.   I take a great amount of satisfaction in making things myself, whether it's as simple as a card for a friend or as ambitious as a home make over project.  In between we might find recipes, relative research I find fascinating, furniture projects, sewing, quilting, crafts, and much more! Most of all, this is a space I can share with you what I love, and I hope it inspires you.


I hope you enjoy your visit!  Drop by often!

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