Halloween Costumes!

Daedric Amor from The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim & Demon Hunter Armor from Diablo III

My husband and I aren't normally into dressing up for Halloween - we typically leave that to our kiddos.  But every few years an idea comes along and we TOTALLY go for it!  This was one of those years.  It was my first time working with materials like this, so I had some tough moments and learning experiences.  When/if we do this again, I think we'll try a few other techniques, and I'll be sure to update you all with those when it happens.

My hubs loves gaming (and I do too on occasion, try it girls!), and I love to craft.  This was the best opportunity to mesh the two!  We had so much fun with these, we're already brainstorming the next ones.  It is HARD to choose!  We're leaning towards more armor sets from Diablo III.  Demon Hunter Tier 15, anyone?  I mean, DANG.  Suggestions are welcome!

SUPPLIES for Daedric Amorcraft foam, a TON of hot glue, craft googly eyes (for rivets), puff paint, modge podge, craft acrylic paint, and even more patience, with some velcro and elastic thrown in there. 

SUPPLIES for Demon Hunter Armor: faux leather fabric (this was use for all the armor pieces except for the breastplate and pauldrons), craft foam (pauldrons & breastplate), hot blue, craft googly eyes (rivets), puff paint, modge podge, craft acrylic paint.

Both costumes are worn over black lycra form fitting morphsuits.

To see how  built and painted the foam armor pieces, please follow the link below.  If the pictures inspire you to make a costume of your own, awesome!  DO IT.  Questions and comments are totally welcome below in the comments section.   


No, the skulls are not part of the original design, but hey, why not right?  They're SKULLS.

My hubby's Daedric Armor costume was submitted to the Coolest Homemade Costumes website and is in the running for this year's costume contest!  We won't find out until December 15th if he is a winner, but we're excited to see how it goes.  You can find the submission HERE!  LEAVE A COMMENT OR SHARE IT! 

Here are a few updated photos of the completed Daedric Armor costume, as well as a few of my Demon Hunter armor from Diablo III.

Demon Hunter Armor from Diablo III


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