Hi! Welcome to Bitty Birdie!

Yo! Thanks for clicking the "About" button - I guess this means you want to know a little more about my exciting and riveting life!  Okay, to be real, it's probably nothing extraordinary to anyone besides myself, but I'll tell you a little more anyhow.

My business name, Bitty Birdie, was inspired by the idea that the smallest things in life can have the biggest impact.  I don't exactly associate birds with that philosophy, but it just had a cute ring to it.  Cheesy, but slightly motivational. So there.  Doing  "great" things, in my mind, is so much simpler than being noticed in the very public internet realm.  I just want to do what I like to do and share it.  If it helps one person, I'm happy.

My love of digital art and typography stems from my childhood.

My mother is a very creative person.  I remember her out in the garage with her "super cool" saw, making wood cut outs for various holiday projects, or sewing clothes for us, or quilts and blankets for friends, or crocheting things.  She always took the time to make extra bits of her projects for us kids, so we could learn too, and have fun.   I'd have to say that because my upbringing was so heavily saturated in creativity, I am always in the mood to learn more.  I'm always on the look out for another project.  Being an adult with access to current technological advancements, it's no wonder I stumbled into digital design.  

And here we are!  I hope you enjoy my blog, my posts, my random projects, my shop, my free prints, and my thoughts as you visit.  Don't be a stranger!