3 New Prints!

In the last 24 hours, I've added 3 new prints to the shop!  I've been on a little bit of a {FREE} prints spree so it was about time I turned some attention to the shop.  What's funny about my design process is, I never go into an idea for a print with any indication in my mind of how it will turn out.  It could end up as a freebie, or in the shop.  I really love that part of the process believe it or not.  You'd think, as a shop owner, I want everything I make to have a commercial benefit.  But I get a lot of joy and satisfaction from making something everyone can have too.  Don't forget to check the previous post for free Mother's Day cards!

But enough about me, here are the newest!  Click on the captions below each photo to see it in the shop, or visit the mini shop in the sidebar!  

This print comes in three variations, and all of them included in your purchase!

One of my favorite quotes!  I remember hearing my great-grandfather reciting this quote to me as a small child and have always had a special place for it in my heart.  Find it HERE! 

Summer is quickly approaching!  Grab this print for your summertime decor!  

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