The Best Places to Print Photos for the Price

I recently stumbled across an excellent video that details where to print your photos (and Bitty Birdie printables!) on the cheap and still have decent results, and I have to say I was impressed by the information provided.  Most of the time when I browse the net, I find mainly useless and misleading information and hidden advertising.

Now, I am not a professional photographer.  It's not the area of my craft that I focus on.  In my other Etsy shops where tangible products are listed, I do the product photography myself but it is far from perfect.  Professionals might not agree with the information in this video, but for the convenience and budget conscience shopper, like myself, these tips were very helpful.

Personally, I use Walmart, and I was happy to find it higher on the list than some others.  Walmart is practically a stone's throw from my back yard so it's mostly a convenience thing.  I will admit I haven't used any of the others mentioned except for Shutterfly.  When we had professional family photos taken, I used them.  Unfortunately, the photos had a noticeable orange hue about them when compared to the digital originals.  So I was disappointed with their service.

I enjoyed that the reporter in this video emphasized that the location of where your prints are printed, matters.  Even the same department store or drugstore chain will have variations to the quality of their end product, depending on which one you go to.  I suggest that if you plan to print your photos and printables locally, be sure to ask around.  Your local friends, neighbors, or church congregation might know where the places are.  Check online reviews if there are any.

Aside from the points listed in the video, I want to make sure everyone knows that resolution matters.  Here is a break down of the general minimum requirements for optimum printing results.  Note, if your resolution is getting close to, or falls under these standards, I highly recommend that you not waste your money.  It probably won't "look alright anyway," despite hoping.  I speak from experience!

Minimum Printing Resolution 
Print sizeMinimum image resolution required
4x6 prints540x360 pixels
5x7 prints630x450 pixels
8x10 prints900x720 pixels
11x14 posters1260x990 pixels
12x18 posters1620x1080 pixels
16x20 posters1800x1440 pixels
20x30 posters2700x1800 pixels
Wallet prints270x180 pixels

fine art poster print 8x12720x1080 pixels
fine art poster print 12x181080x1620 pixels
fine art poster print 15x201350x1800 pixels
fine art canvas print 16x161440x1440 pixels
fine art canvas print 24x242160x2160 pixels
fine art canvas print 30x302700x2700 pixels
fine art canvas print 36x363240x3240 pixels
fine art canvas print 16x201440x1800 pixels
fine art canvas print 20x301800x2700 pixels
fine art canvas print 24x362160x3240 pixels
fine art canvas print 10x25900x2250 pixels
fine art canvas print 16x401440x3600 pixels

Other common items that can be printed on:

baseball                                                 204x162 pixels
calendar                                                   1508x1130 pixels
coaster                                                     480x480 pixels
deluxe t-shirt               1280x1006 pixels
sweatshirt1280x1006 pixels
t-shirts                          1280x1006 pixels
jumbo clock                                           1350x1350 pixels
keepsake box522x522 pixels
large woven throw1440x1080 pixels
medium woven throw1080x900 pixels
mousepad (collage)3000x2000 pixels
mug(white 4x8.5)720x480 pixels
mug(white,ceramic cafe)640x410 pixels
11 oz snapshot mug300x210 pixels
15 oz snapshot mug300x210 pixels
11 oz magic mug300x210 pixels
17 oz latte mug300x210 pixels
pet bowl320x213 pixels
photo canvas, 8x101000x1200 pixels
photo canvas, 12x121400x1400 pixels
photo canvas, 16x201825x2225 pixels
photo canvas, 20x242200x2700 pixels
photo clipboard1275x913 pixels
photo magnet, 2x3270x180 pixels
photo magnet, 4x6540x360 pixels
photo panel, 5x71450x1050 pixels
photo panel, 8x102050x1650 pixels
photo stamps375x357 pixels
pillow case1650x1100 pixels
placemats1280x815 pixels
playing cards320x235 pixels
Address labels   216x72 pixels

The good news here is, Bitty Birdie Designs printables all meet and exceed these standards so you should never have to worry about any of our prints being blurry or too small, unless of course your printing location has an issue.  I wish I could help you on that, but I just make the designs.  :)

I hope this information was helpful!  Visit again for updates on new prints in the shop and of course free ones!

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