FREE Children's Valentines Printables

For the last couple of years, I have that wonderful opportunity as a parent to help my child create and give Valentine's to his friends and class at school.  Who knew making your own valentines would be so much fun?!    This year, my son definitively stated he wanted to give out pirate valentines.  Being a fan of the whole Pirates of the Caribbean phenomenon, (and I hardly need add Assassin's Creed IV), I was more than willing to help him with this project.

We printed our pirate valentines on 8.5x11 sticker paper, cut them out and pasted them onto Ghirardelli squares.  He can't wait to hand them out on Friday.

So, in the spirit of love and friendship, I've set up a few FREE printable options for you!

-PIRATE - Works with any goodie or toy.
-"BEAR-Y" special valentine! - Works best with gummy bears, cinnamon bears, or anything "bear"!

I hope you like them!  Print to cardstock, paper, sticker paper, or whatever!   Cut them out and staple, or use a hole punch and tie them to your valentine goodies.

8.5x11 high resolution format.  Just left click on image, enlarge, and save to your computer! 

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