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I've been busy this last week getting a few ideas ready for a women's group I'm a part of.  We're specifically working on organization and planning to create a more harmonious lifestyle and home life.  You know how it is; when you're scrambling around moving from one chore to another, or trying to come up with an idea for dinner at the last minute, your stress level goes up and your inner calm plummets.  Whether you and your housemates and family all work, or you're a home maker, it's much easier to go about your day with a plan in mind.

And when you finally plop your head on your pillow, you aren't so stressed about the whole "start it all again in the morning" mentality.  You may actually look forward to the organized day!  In fact, after a few days, your house will be clean, your pantry and fridge organized with a purpose, and perhaps you'll even see your wallet a little more full.

Use these weekly organizer printables to start planning your stress-free week.  It takes just a little bit of time once a week to fill them out, hang them up on your refrigerator, and if you're wondering what you needed to get done, what chores you're behind on, who needed to be where, or what you're going to make for dinner that day, it's as simple as a glance.

Below is a Meal Planning printable, To Do & Chores printable, and a blank sheet for your convenience.  For example, create a weekly laundry list or plan a project and assign a steady set of steps to accomplish your goal.  Create lists for your children, their homework assignments and school projects, their own chore lists, and teach them how to be organized (so they don't grow up procrastinators like us, RIGHT? *wink*).

These would also be great for writing down weight-loss goals such as monitoring calories or just planning your weightloss meals.

*8.5x11 high resolution format.  Just left click on image, enlarge, and save to your computer!  Print as you please!  (Don't mind that they look blurry here.  I assure you that once you click on them, their true resolution appears!  Silly Blogger ^_^ ).


Start today!  Everyone has a comfortable schedule when it comes to planning, organizing, and cleaning.  That's why I never really took to those pre-planned chore printables I've seen all over the web.  Write your own and stick to it!

I highly recommend setting weekly goals and plans and then leaving it at that.  If you want to build up to planning an entire month, that's awesome, especially if you have the sort of self discipline to stick to it.  However for me and many others like me who get distracted or change our minds regularly, it's a lot easier to stay on track if you set small steps.

Have a happy home!

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