Printable Quote: Anyone Can Be A Mother

If you want to know how I feel about motherhood, I could write until my finger tips bruise and bleed.  Yet, coincidentally and just as equally, there are no words to describe what a mother is.  Mothers are more than words, more than the list of daily tasks and chores and dishes and nose wipes and diaper changes and smiles, hugs, kisses, or bedtime stories.  Mothers are something that comes purely from the heart.

But while we all might not have the opportunity to be a mother in the biological sense, I truly believe there are mothers everywhere.  In every woman.  Because we all have hearts to give, and love to share.

You may be a mother and might not know it.  You may have a friend who continuously needs your compassion.  You may be an aunt with little nieces and nephews, who rejoice when you come to visit.  
Whatever your definition of "mothering", it's an available trait that we all can acquire and practice.  

If you're the leader of a women's group, church society, or simply enjoy this lovely quote by the wonderful Sheri Dew, please feel free to download and use this for any related purpose!   
See below for the consolidated easy print 8.5x11 version with 6 handouts to a page.  
*EASY PRINT 8.5x11 format.  Just left click on the image below, enlarge, and save to your computer!  Print however you'd like.  I recommend a heavy white cardstock.

to all mothers, everywhere.

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